What types of Animal Pendants does Stirling's Corner Fine Jewelry offer?


Stirling's Corner Fine Jewelry in Pomona, CA, specializes in a diverse range of Animal Pendants, featuring designs from classic to contemporary, portraying various animals in intricate detail.

Can I get custom-designed Animal Pendants at Stirling's Corner Fine Jewelry?


Absolutely! We excel in custom jewelry design. If you have a specific animal or design in mind for a pendant, our skilled artisans can create a personalized piece just for you.

Are the Animal Pendants at Stirling's Corner made with real gold and silver?


Yes, our Animal Pendants are crafted using high-quality materials including real gold, silver, and other precious metals, ensuring durability and long-lasting beauty.

Do you offer gemstone-embedded Animal Pendants at Stirling's Corner Fine Jewelry?


Indeed, we have a selection of Animal Pendants embellished with various gemstones, adding a touch of color and sparkle to each piece.

How can I ensure the Animal Pendant I choose is the right size?


Our team at Stirling's Corner Fine Jewelry is happy to provide guidance on pendant sizes. We can help you choose a piece that's proportionate to your preferred chain length and style.

What is the best way to care for and maintain my Animal Pendant from Stirling's Corner?


To maintain the luster of your Animal Pendant, keep it away from harsh chemicals, store it in a soft-lined jewelry box, and clean it gently with a suitable jewelry cleaner or a soft cloth.

Are the Animal Pendants at Stirling's Corner Fine Jewelry suitable for children and adults?


Our collection includes Animal Pendants suitable for all ages. We offer a variety of styles and sizes to cater to both children and adult customers.

How do I know the materials used in my Animal Pendant are ethically sourced?


At Stirling's Corner Fine Jewelry, ethical sourcing is paramount. We ensure that all materials used in our Animal Pendants are sourced responsibly and sustainably.