What types of Jade Pendants are available at Stirling's Corner Fine Jewelry in Pomona, CA?

Stirling's Corner Fine Jewelry offers a beautiful assortment of Jade Pendants, featuring various shades of jade, from classic green to lavender and white, in different shapes and designs.

What is the significance of wearing a Jade Pendant from Stirling's Corner?

Jade is often revered for its beauty and symbolic meanings, such as protection, healing, and luck. Wearing a Jade Pendant from our store can be a meaningful expression of these qualities.

Are the Jade Pendants at Stirling's Corner set in precious metals?

Yes, our Jade Pendants are often set in high-quality metals like gold or sterling silver, enhancing the natural beauty of the jade and ensuring the pendant's longevity.

Can I have a Jade Pendant custom-designed at Stirling's Corner in Pomona, CA?

Certainly! We offer customization services, allowing you to design a unique Jade Pendant, whether it's selecting a specific jade color or incorporating a personalized setting.

How do I care for my Jade Pendant from Stirling's Corner Fine Jewelry?

To maintain the beauty of your Jade Pendant, clean it gently with a soft cloth, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures, and store it in a protective jewelry box.

Is Jade suitable for both formal and casual settings?

Absolutely! Jade Pendants have a versatile elegance that makes them suitable for a variety of occasions, from everyday wear to more formal events.

Can I find both traditional and contemporary Jade Pendant designs at Stirling's Corner?

Yes, our collection includes a range of styles, from traditional carvings that honor the heritage of jade to modern designs that suit contemporary fashion trends.

Do Jade Pendants from Stirling's Corner make good gifts?

Jade Pendants are an excellent gift choice, symbolizing good luck and well-being. They are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a special gesture to a loved one.